Cinematography, an integral element in the art of making motion pictures, literally refers to the combined art and science of using a moving image camera. It is the process of recording visual images for the cinema and subsequent development of recorded images in sophisticated photo laboratories. Cinematography comprises of all the processes beginning from the choice of lighting and camera until video and audio of a particular scene is recorded perfectly.

A person qualified in the art of cinematography is called Cinematographer or Director of Photography (DOP). The Cinematographer / DOP is regarded as one of the most senior and important technician in the film creation process. The DOP is the person who actually plans and coordinates the actual filming of the movie. A DOP is the person responsible for turning the director’s creative vision into a production-feasible reality on screen. Being a creative designer, DOP translate the written text to meaningful images. In other words, what you see on screen looks the way it does because of the DOP.

DOP’s work closely with the director and give a film its unique visual look and identity. They are responsible for composing each scene to be shot, decides lighting and camera angles as per director’s requirement. To succeed as a cinematographer one need to be creative, have a strong interest in cinema and the arts, as well as knowledge in design, and principles of photography. A course in Cinematography is essential to enter the field. Cinematographers primarily monitor the use of photographic and lighting equipment. They often have to work odd hours and travel to remote shooting sites, and may have to work in outdoor locations in stormy weather.

DOP’s  film movies and television shows, using cameras in various mounts. This can be a perfect career option if you are up for it, & online film courses like of Confluence India etc are the best place to start your journey of dreams.